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Bamboo Socks! En..Do you know the difference between different bamboo fabric?

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Bamboo pulp fiber: Bamboo pulp fiber is made by making bamboo chips into pulp, then making the pulp into a pulp and adding an appropriate amount of petroleum extract to make fibers by wet spinning. The production process is similar to other viscose fibers. However, in processing, the natural characteristics of bamboo are destroyed, and the deodorant, antibacterial and anti-ultraviolet functions of the yarn are significantly reduced.

Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from naturally grown bamboo and is the fifth-largest natural fiber after cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. Bamboo fiber has the characteristics of good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance, and good dyeing properties. Also, it has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, deodorant, and anti-ultraviolet functions.

Bamboo charcoal fiber: Bamboo charcoal is micronized by nanotechnology. Then, the sub-nano-scale micro powder of bamboo charcoal is evenly integrated into chemical fibers through the melt spinning process and is made by drawing up with biochemical technology. Bamboo charcoal fiber has certain functions such as moisture absorption and heat preservation, deodorization, and promotion of blood circulation. However, the main characteristics of chemical fibers are still maintained. Bamboo carbon fibers are melt-spun with polyester modified chips as the carrier, and the ingredients are not entirely from bamboo. Although both are related to bamboo, they are both chemical fibers. Still, the process is different. The composition and structure are also other, so the performance is also different.

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