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Cycling Equipment That You Must Pay Attention To-Cycling Socks

September 29,2022

cycling clothes, cycling helmets, cycling glasses, cycling gloves, locking shoes ... Now that cycling equipment is becoming more and more popular, cycling socks  seem to be quite unknown. As the name implies, cycling socks are of course professional socks specially designed for cycling. Generally speaking, the outer layer of cycling socks needs to be wear-resistant and not deformed, and the inner layer needs to absorb moisture and sweat.

Why do you need to wear cycling socks?

When cycling a bike, the steps are easy to sweat, ordinary socks are poor in perspiration, and the heat and moisture of the soles of the feet are not easy to remove, which will make the soles of the feet feel stuffy and sticky between the toes, which is unsanitary and uncomfortable. Long-term contact between soles and pedals requires high air permeability and wear resistance of socks.

Especially in long-distance cycling, ordinary sports socks may cause pain and sweat accumulation on the soles of the feet, which is very bad for cycling efficiency and health, while professional cycling socks can reduce the side effects of constant pedaling on the soles of the feet.

What's special about cycling socks?

From the design point of view, the cycling socks are thicker at the heel and toe of the foot, and the sole will increase the elasticity, tighten this muscle and make the sole muscle move for a longer time; From the material point of view, the materials used in cycling socks can also keep your feet dry, which will help reduce muscle soreness and improve cycling efficiency.

Professional cycling socks are generally designed to strengthen and fix in order to avoid sprain caused by excessive pressure of long-term sports products. They can support and protect the arch, ankle and Achilles tendon, help support Achilles tendon and reduce external friction, so as to better adapt to the cycling environment.

High-performance cycling socks can even avoid over-cooling or over-heating of people's feet, promote the normal regulation of foot temperature, help balance body temperature, and skillfully use perspiration to create a "microclimate" that makes skin feel comfortable.

How to choose cycling socks?

① Close your feet!

Good socks must be snug and fit. If socks don't fit well, they will easily cause friction during cycling, so you must strictly choose the size that suits you.

② Wear resistance

Generally speaking, the material of socks determines whether they are durable and wear-resistant. Although there will be some changes depending on the frequency of personal use, good socks can still make people feel the difference in texture.

③ Sock tube and appearance selection

You can still choose different appearance and socks according to your personal habits and wearing shoes; In principle, the socks should be higher than the shoes, so as to avoid the foot rubbing of the shoes. How high it is depends on personal habits.