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December 02,2022

The World Cup originated from the Olympic Games in the early 20th century, especially in Antwerp in 1920. At that Olympic Games, 14 countries in South America, Asia and Africa took part in the football events of the Olympic Games. In 1928, 17 countries took part in the Amsterdam Olympic Games, but until then, no shaped World Cup was born.

Until May 26, 1920, FIFA decided to hold the football match alone, and the World Cup was born from then on. In 1926, the president of FIFA, Rimet, passed the proposal of "hosting the first FIFA World Cup in which all the national teams of FIFA member countries can participate".

They chose to hold the annual competition in the middle of the Olympic Games, and decided to hold the World Cup every four years. After the third (1938) competition in France, the World Cup was interrupted for 12 years due to the outbreak of World War II. As soon as the war ended, Brazil hosted the 4th World Cup in 1950. Up to 2018, 21 World Cups have been held.

The origin of FIFA World Cup trophy

During the history of FIFA World Cup, there were two World Cup trophies, the first of which experienced many twists and turns.

When FIFA decided to hold the first World Cup in 1930, French sculptor Rafael made a pure gold trophy to be awarded to the winning team. The trophy is on a pillar inlaid with precious stones, and the goddess of victory holds an octagonal cup with outstretched arms. In memory of President Rimet, the founder of the World Cup, the trophy was named "World Cup", but it was only called the World Cup in the third competition (1930, 1934, 1938) held before the outbreak of World War II. By 1970, Brazil, then the only country with three consecutive championships, had this trophy forever.

During the Second World War, the World Cup trophy was hidden under the bed of a house in Italy in order not to be persecuted by the invaders. Before the World Cup was held in England in 1966, the World Cup was stolen when it was exhibited to civilians. The British police searched for this trophy many times, but it ended in failure. Finally, the trophy was found in a dumpster in the suburbs by a puppy named "Pickles". The World Cup was recovered.

In 1983, the trophy was stolen again in Brazil, and its whereabouts have yet to be found. It is estimated that it may have been melted by the thieves, so it became Hercules' trophy and bid farewell to the world. So the Brazilian Football Association made a copy instead of keeping it.

The second World Cup trophy was selected from 53 design patterns, and it was presented to you at the World Cup held in 1974. The trophy was made of 18K pure gold by Italian sculptor Gallania. According to his explanation, the image of the trophy contains "the spiral line rising from the ground is supporting the earth, which strongly shows the passion of the moment of victory".

This trophy is 36 cm (14 inches) high and weighs 4,970 grams (11 pounds). It is owned by FIFA. The team that won the World Cup can get a gold-plated replica.

Recently, the World Cup is in full swing. Cheery socks also participated in the World Cup, and used it as inspiration to design some personalized socks. You can wear them to cheer for your favorite team.

We focus on customizing personalized socks. The only purpose we wake up every day is to make the best pair of custom socks, so that when you wear them, you will feel happy.

Ivy, the founder of Cheery socks, spent three months summarizing customers' problems and designing some templates.

Customers only need to fill in the pattern, and mark some details that should be avoided in the template, so as to reduce the time for revising the artwork and confirm all parties as soon as possible.

You only need to do one thing, that is, confirm the order process with us.Socks will arrive at your door smoothly in the fastest time.