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What Is Punk Music?

September 23,2022

Introduction of punk music

Punk rock isn’t something you grow out of. Punk rock is an attitude, and the essence of that attitude is “Give us some truth!” – Joe Strummer, the Clash Punk started in the 60s. From the earliest The Velvet Underground, The Stooger, The New York Dolls, the unformed early punk music made with simple triad, to the clash,sex pistrols, you can see that its significance is to incorporate violent, sexual and mocking songs into music, thus arousing the support of young people who are dissatisfied with society.

60-70s punk can be classified as the early punk defined in the current rock circle, which is very popular. You can hear the popular music at that time from the music including david bowie in glam rock, Rolling Stone; American 50sblues and elements of various popular rock music at that time. It is characterized by musicians wearing glam, pursuing the pure music of early rock music, and attracting women who look like animals. It also laid the foundation for the development of punk. Early punk also said 77 punk based on 77 punk music style, famous bands such as the clash, toy dolls and so on. Its development process can be summarized as early punk (Proto-Punk)-77 punk -82 punk.

By the end of 1970s, there was a major diversion, which was mainly divided into the following lines:

1. The pursuit of simpler music, popular, easy brainwashing working-class music Oi! The skinheads introduced punk music in this period to form Oi! , made the early Oi with brothers and unity as the core! They are still characterized by the fusion of early punk of gorgeous rock, but the lyrics are more focused on the elements of brotherhood and unity, the style is more tough, the lead singer's voice is more manly, and the emphasis is on the cluster slogan music, which is easy to influence more young people to join. You know slogans such as acab(all cops are bastards) come from Oi! Music. (Derived from the oi punk and skinhead movement, the early skinhead was mainly influenced by Jamaican music, with more ska music and reggae music. In the late 1970s, as punk became popular, skinhead began to come into contact with punk music and gradually became its own style. The first person to define these band music with oi was Garry Bushwell, a journalist of British Sound magazine. Oi punk is rooted in working-class teenagers. The music is simpler and more direct, even rough. Songs are generally related to their lives, including football, violence, brotherhood and so on. Sham69, who came to China, and oi punk, England, died out quickly, which may be related to skinhead's tendency to racism in the later period. Up to now, there are still many neo-Nazi bands in Europe whose styles come from oi punk. From the style, oi punk belongs to skinhead's music. Although many bands will shout oi in their performances, it can't actually be said that the music they make is oi punk. Musically, oi punk belongs to the music of the working class, so its arrangement tends to be relatively powerful, medium-speed and medium-fast, with simple structure. Bass is relatively prominent in intermediate frequency, so it is used to bassline. )

2. american hardcore in pursuit of violence

Punk pop began in England, and now basically everyone who has listened to rock and roll knows sid,nancy, sex pistol, god save the queen and so on, but in fact, this is very common punk music, and the development of real punk music is mainly in America. On the basis of American English punk, more violent elements are added, which makes music as hard as a bone, and becomes more pure venting music. Its characteristics are: dirty and hard.

3 Pursuing decadent post-punk and new wave

The core of post-punk is decadence and decadence. At that time, it robbed the fans who liked more depressing music and more depressing and quiet music in punk music, as well as the fans who were born to love depressing music. After 90s, he left punk music category.

As for the introduction of the new wave period, read the encyclopedia. It has little to do with the current punk music. The main significance is that a motorhead was born.

At the beginning of the 80s, it was diverted again

1:american hardcore in the United States caused great repercussions, and bands such as bad brains,black flag caused great repercussions at that time, and hardcore quickly became popular all over the United States, forming five hardcore gathering places at that time, namely, new york, Boston, Washington, Los Angeles and California. This kind of dirty and hard music quickly influenced the attention of fans who loved more heavy music (black sabbath, motorhead) at that time, and thus thrash metal was born with speed metal (pictured). The birth of torrent metal was of great significance to rock music, and most metal styles and die-hard punk styles were born on this basis.

2: UK 82, the smash hit with US 82 motorhead, made many punks who love it move their brains to adapt it, and this adaptation process is the core of US 82 and UK 82. The word punk comes from the song of Scottish hardcore punk band.

And UK 82 and US 82 are divided into several parts according to the style of birth.

(1) pure UK 82 US82:Subhumans, English Dogs,GBH, the exploted

It is characterized by a melodic loop, and after the loop, it is suddenly energized in a certain section, which has the characteristics of metal. My favorite 82 punk GBH Punk Junkies

(2)D-beat and Crust: D-Beat is a core style of die-hard punk. Based on motorhead, it changes the timbre into a natural dirty timbre, making the music dirtier and harder, forming the first extreme music style.

This extreme tone was developed by discharge, and then brought into metal music by Hellbastard to form crust. Therefore, discharge, although their melody is very general, is the originator of the mountain, just like ramones.

We usually call this kind of timbre music "Crust", which is partial to metal, and "D-beat" which is partial to punk.

These are the main categories of punk music.

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