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Whether you are looking for a pair of sublimation socks or socks for a specific event, White Black Sole has the right socks for you. Our socks are made from the highest quality materials to ensure that your feet stay clean and comfortable, so you can enjoy your sock all day long. They are made with 55% polyester, 40% cotton (sole), and 5% spandex. They also have an extra-thick bottom that won't fade or rub against your feet.


A set of sublimated socks can be an excellent way to foster a sense of community, whether you're a team captain or part of a fundraising organization. Polyester fabric, which is used in their construction, is both strong and comfortable to wear. Also, they are simple to clean. They will fit the majority of people depending on size. The black inner of these socks will help keep the image from seeming faded when they are stretched. Additionally, they include a double-needle ribbed binding that enables the fabric to flex while holding its shape. This makes it possible to have a flat sock even when sublimating it.

The color white is one of the many options for these sublimate socks. They can be utilized to add understated touches or glaring declarations. They are simple to clean and ensure comfortable use for many years to come because to the soft and sturdy fiber material they are made of. They can also be found in tube socks, which don't need to be worn with a jig. These socks look fantastic with streetwear, team gear, and casual clothing. They are also perfect for dye sublimation printing all over. They have a uniform medium thickness and are fully printable. Additionally, they include bright prints that make them suitable for any occasion. Additionally, they work with an 8-in-1 heat press and AGC sublimation printers.

Dark bases are also an option, which are excellent for sublimating dark patterns. The fabric of these socks has channels on the inside, which prevent the picture from seeming faded when pressed. These socks are suitable for a variety of sizes because they are sturdy as well. Additionally, they come in a range of hues, including gray. They are packaged as a present. They make wonderful gifts that people will remember.

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