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design your own dye sublimated socks

Getting your company's logo printed on a pair of custom socks can be accomplished at a very low cost if you use a printing business that uses dye sublimation. You may save a lot of money by having a firm do the printing for you, and as a result, you can ensure that your socks are the most distinctive and of the highest possible quality. You even have the option of having your design your own dye sublimated socks made in either a fully customized or a semi-custom style.

Crew Socks are the most popular size

You have a lot of alternatives to select from if you want to print a unique pattern on a pair of design socks or if you just want to have a pair of colorful socks for yourself. You have a variety of options to choose from in terms of the design, material, and quantity of your socks.

Direct to Garment Printing, more often known as DTG, is an excellent printing method for creating graphics that are vivid and eye-catching. The method utilizes heat transfer, which results in an intricate and detailed pattern being produced on the fabric of the sock. This method achieves the best results when used to polyester sock fabric; nevertheless, it is also applicable to plastic and paper.

The photo-realistic nature of 360 printed sock sublimation designs has earned them a reputation for excellence. The innovative method of production makes it possible to have seamless graphics, a high degree of color fidelity, and a more streamlined appearance. There is also the possibility of printing a photograph on a 360-degree sock, which is ideal for individuals who wish to draw attention to a particular occasion or a picture of a person they care about. In addition to that, the printing on these socks is really precise and there are no white spots whatsoever.

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