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Your blessed feet are deserving of the soft cotton and polyester cotton knit socks that we provide. When you're pounding the pavement on a walk, a workout, or just everyday life, you won't have to worry about getting blisters thanks to the supportive arch band and cushioning in the heel and forefoot of the shoe.

Mens basketball socks

Men's basketball socks offer a comfortable, moisture-wicking fit that you can rely on, whether you're playing a game of basketball or just seeking for an extra cushion to help you perform at your best. The socks have padding in high-impact regions and an arch band for further support. They are made of soft, lightweight yarns. They feature dri-fit technology to keep you dry and comfortable throughout practice or competition, and the high-top style gives them a stylish appearance.

Zonal cushioning in the elite basketball socks reduces impact when you sprint on the floor. This gives your feet's major pain spots additional padding, and the arch band helps mold to your foot's shape to prevent sliding. The socks are ideal for training or playing since they have a locked-in fit and a moisture-wicking finish for all-day comfort. The Mid Basketball Socks, Crew Socks, and Versatility Socks are just a few of the varieties that are offered in the Elite line.

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