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free sock template for sublimation

There are many options available, whether you're looking for a free sock template for sublimation to use on your own socks or a sock template for sublimation that your team can use.

Low-cut socks

A great way to warm up your design is to use a free low cut sock template for sublimation. By using these templates, you can concentrate on your project's design and creative aspects without having to worry about technical drawing. The technical drawing aspects of your garment will be handled by the template.

The template includes a smart object layer and four PSD files for simple design insertion. With a working area of 750 x 1700 pixels on each sock, you can alter each design for a distinctive appearance.

You can modify the mockup by adding text and images and changing the color of each sock to correspond with your branding. It's simple to use and lets you upload your design before downloading this free sublimation socks template.

A great way to differentiate your sock design from the competition is to use a mockup. This sublimation sock template is free and offers a ton of customization options.

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