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Happy Socks Review

happy socks is a Swedish company that started making socks in 2008. Viktor Tell founded the business, and Stefan Fragner serves as its current CEO.

They're an extension of the wearer's personality

In spite of the countless businesses that emerged and disappeared during the recent fashion apocalypse, Happy Socks has remained a mainstay in the sock industry. A swimwear line, a sleek website, and an active social media presence have all recently been added by the Swedish company in addition to their impressive selection of novelty funny cotton socks. Happy Socks has previously collaborated with celebrities from both the fashion and entertainment industries. Zandra Rhodes, Steve Aoki, and David Hasselhoff are a few of the brand's well-known patrons. Additionally, the business has sold more than 40 million socks globally as of the most recent tally.

It is not surprising that the founders of the company run it, at least in part, like a business. The company's ethos is unambiguous and focused on quality and client satisfaction. The business has a long list of noteworthy accomplishments, including a number of industry firsts, in addition to a fantastic selection of novelty socks. For instance, Happy Socks is the original and sole manufacturer of socks with integrated seams.

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