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hockey socks

Choosing the Right Hockey Socks

Traditionally, cotton rib-knit fabric has been used to create hockey socks. However, socks are now available in a variety of materials, including mesh and sublimated.

Mesh socks

You'll want to know how to pick the best pair of hockey socks whether you're looking for a new pair or want to replace the ones you already own. Knit socks and mesh socks are the two primary varieties of hockey socks. The second type is more recent and is made of mesh polyester material, whereas the first type is more conventional.

In addition to being lighter than knit socks, mesh socks have a surface that resists abrasion. You can wear them in the water because they do not absorb water from the ice like cotton knit socks do. Additionally, mesh socks have a kevlar backing to shield your skate from damage.

Mesh socks are more modern, while knit socks are more affordable. Knit socks are typically made of cotton and polyester. They are less durable but more reasonably priced and frequently last longer than performance socks. Knit socks can be purchased for as little as $15, while performance socks can cost as much as $20.

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