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knitted sock monkey

knitted sock monkey is a fantastic option whether you're looking for a wonderful gift for a special someone or you simply want to add a playful accent to your home. It's enjoyable to knit and simple to make this adorable toy.

Origins of the sock monkey

Whether the sock monkey is a symbol of work or a plaything, it has always been a popular figure. Its origins date back to the Victorian era.

During the Industrial Revolution, knitting machines were invented. This invention made production of socks cheaper and easier. The first socks were used by dock workers, factory workers, and labourers. The early sock monkeys did not have red lips or other characteristics.

During the Great Depression, sock monkeys became popular. These toys were often made from old nylon stockings and newspaper. These stuffed animals became popular in American nurseries. These stuffed monkeys also became a comfort to children.

The outdoor socks monkey also became popular in children's literature. It was featured on children's clothing patterns and gift books. The sock monkey also appeared on the cover art of the Sonic Youth album.

The Nelson Knitting Company, located in Rockford, Illinois, began making red heel socks in 1932. They included a Sock Monkey pattern in each package of socks.

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