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light hiking socks

Whether you want to trek in the rain or the sun, it is essential to wear lightweight hiking socks. In addition to feeling less achy, you will be able to keep your feet warm and dry.

Damascus Light

The lightweight and low-cut Farm To Feet Damascus Light Targeted Cushion hiking socks are designed for long distance hiking. This sock is constructed from a combination of merino wool and nylon, offering it the ideal combination of cushioning and breathability.

Merino wool is renowned for being extremely warm, itch-free, and naturally odor-resistant. The best hiking socks are constructed from durable, high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use.

This sock contains some novel design elements as well. Three-layer bonded technology provides a hydrophilic membrane for enhanced wicking properties. The biosplit footbed, which uniformly distributes padding throughout the sock, is another feature.

Additionally, the Damascus Light Targeted cushion Low Cut sock has a seamless toe box and a strengthened construction. This sock also features a seam with reduced stress, which reduces wear.

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The Silverlight socks are a fantastic addition to your sock collection due to their exceptional level of compression. This lightweight, dual-layer sock with moisture-wicking and arch support will keep your feet comfortable on your next hiking excursion.

The classic blend of nylon and spandex is utilized to create Silverlight hiking socks. Their compression-style design keeps your foot relaxed while a thin layer of padding on the inside of your heel provides cushioning. Additionally, the socks contain a little arch support band for added comfort.

They are also constructed of Merino wool, which is an excellent sock material. This sort of wool is excellent at wicking away moisture from your feet, which is essential when trekking or camping. Additionally, it has antimicrobial qualities and is believed to prevent blisters.

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