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Choosing motorcycle socks is a crucial first step in keeping your feet safe while you ride. On the market, a variety of brands are offered. You can find a pair of socks to suit your needs, whether you're looking for knee-highs, ankle support socks, or even ankle socks that include a waterproof bootie.

Rev'it Moto Touring Socks

The Rev'it Moto Touring Socks have an anatomically shaped footbed, a self-adjusting cuff, and air cooling channels across the top of the foot. They are made for long-distance motorcycling. The high-tech material used in the socks also lessens skin irritation and blistering.

To wick away moisture and add additional insulation, Merino wool and synthetic materials are combined to create these socks. The design incorporates an Achilles tendon protector to prevent painful heel strikes as well as an air conditioning channel to effectively control excess heat and moisture.

The Rev'it Moto Touring socks sports feature a patented air conditioning channel across the top of the foot to effectively protect against temperature extremes and are made to lessen skin irritation and blistering. These socks were created to be worn all year long.

The Rev'it Moto Touring Socks include an anatomically shaped footbed, an Achilles tendon protector, and an asymmetrical design in addition to the air conditioning channels. These socks offer a distinct look and feel and are the most technologically advanced on the market. There are four variations of the socks available.

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