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Things You Need to Be Aware Of Regarding Sublimation of Socks

The use of sublimation graphics on socks is a fantastic technique to give your customers a more personalized appearance when they wear your sock sublimation designs. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start the printing process.

Sublimation vs normal heat transfer processes

When designing socks, there are a few things to think about before making a decision between the sublimation method and the regular heat transfer process. Both of these printing methods are specialist printing procedures that can produce graphics of a high grade. On the other hand, the outcomes are not the same.

For the purpose of printing graphics on specialized transfer paper, sublimation printing makes use of specific heat-sensitive dyes. After the heating cycle is finished, the heat-sensitive dyes are transferred from the container to the fabric.

Printing with sublimation works best on textiles that are either white or very light in color. On the other hand, it pairs particularly nicely with darker textiles. It is important to pre-press the cloth before working with it in order to get optimal results. This will remove moisture and creases from the skin.

In addition to that, the sublimated sports socks design needs to be printed on the side of the transfer paper that is very bright white. This will prevent any ghosting from occurring. A hygrometer is a useful tool for determining whether or not the conditions are suitable for sublimation.

When you are sublimating a design, you need to make sure that you are utilizing a fabric that is based on polyester. Fabrics made of polyester have pores, which enable the ink to transition into the gaseous state.

In addition to the difficulties associated with dampness, you could also run into issues with color changing. This may occur as a result of the high humidity. Reduce the amount of moisture in the air by dehumidifying the space.

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