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Making your socks distinctive and personalized is easy with socks sublimation. On one side of your socks, you can print a one-of-a-kind design, leaving the other side blank. Then, if you'd like, you can add a design to the reverse.

Printing on the correct side of the sublimation paper

Printing your socks with sublimation printing is a fantastic idea. You receive a high-quality, permanent transfer thanks to this process. It's crucial to use the proper side of the sublimation paper, though. If you don't, your image might become hazy or fade away.

The bright white side of the sublimation paper should be used. A substance that holds a lot of moisture is coated on this side. To avoid smudges and white lines on your finished product, keep this side clean.

For sublimation, the right heat press setting is crucial. For at least 36 seconds, the temperature must be 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The image will bleed if you press for too long. Reduce the time spent using the heat press to solve this issue.

Making a design from scratch using a template is the first step in the procedure. You can print both the front and back of your sock using this template. To accomplish this, you can either use a sandwich technique or Silhouette Studio's pattern fill panel.

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