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Best Socks to Wear With Hiking Boots

The proper hiking socks for your hiking boots should always be purchased, regardless of your level of experience. This will make sure you stay in your boot and keep you comfortable while avoiding blisters. Some of the top materials for socks are listed below:

Merino wool

Merino wool is one of the best materials for your feet when choosing socks for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or other outdoor pursuits. Similar to merino cycling socks, merino wool has excellent moisture-wicking abilities, is odor-resistant, and is breathable. Additionally, because it is naturally antimicrobial, it is excellent for minimizing the growth of bacteria.

Since merino wool is breathable, light, and warm, it makes for the perfect sock for summer hikes. Because they are warm, soft, and long lasting, merino wool socks are also excellent for hiking in cold weather. Merino wool socks can be worn several times before they begin to smell.

High-quality wool socks with a lifetime guarantee are produced by Cheery Knitting. Merino wool that has earned the Responsible Wool Standard certification makes up all of their socks. They can also be purchased as low-rise or no-show socks.

American sock manufacturer Smartwool has been in operation for about 20 years. They have built their company around Merino wool and concentrate on it. By 2030, Smartwool aims to produce 100% climate-positive wool products.

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