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solid color sock yarn

There are many different solid color sock yarn available for you to choose from, giving you plenty of options whether you are looking for a new sock yarn to make your next pair of socks or you simply want to try something different. Patons, Regia, Valley Yarns, and Simply Sock Yarn are just a few of the well-known brands of sock yarns available today.

Simply Sock Yarn

Never before has it been so cool to get your hands on a pair of running socks knitted from a single color of yarn. Not only will the friendly staff at Simply Socks get you on the floor with the bare minimum of fuss and bother, but they also have a vast selection of vibrant sock yarns for you to select from. The website provides an unrivaled selection of high-end wools and sock yarns at affordable prices that won't put a dent in your savings account. Additionally, it is one of the few places on the internet that sells the highly sought-after Biches & Buches silk mohair.

At the end of the day, it's not always about being cool; rather, it's about being cool enough to be cool, and the fabulous staff at Simply Socks has a knack for the trifecta. Simply Socks has a cool and seductive atmosphere, making it one of the hippest stores you'll find in San Francisco.

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Regia 4-Ply

The quality of Regia 4-Ply sock yarn will impress you, regardless of whether you are knitting socks for yourself or for other people. It is resistant to the effects of the dryer and does not felt. It is comprised of 75% new wool and 25% nylon in equal parts. It can be purchased in a wide range of colors, some of which are vivid while others are more subdued. Because it can be washed in a machine, it makes it simple to maintain the cleanliness and dryness of handknit socks. It is available in a variety of balls, the most common of which are 1.75-ounce (50-gram) and 3-ounce (100-gram) balls.

You should be able to locate the Regia 4-Ply line at your neighborhood yarn shop. It is a pilates grip socks yarn with a fingering weight, and one ball is enough to make enough pairs for straightforward patterns. The Regia 4-Ply yarn is produced in Italy, and each ball of the yarn has close to 230 yards that can be used to make socks.

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