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sports direct yoga socks

yoga socks are great for a wide range of workouts, and sports direct yoga socks carries a wide assortment of grippy bottoms for shoes. Squats, barre workouts, and barefoot yoga are just some of the movements that benefit from these yoga socks.

Yoga socks for barre

These easy grip socks were made specifically for the barre or Pilates studio. Because of this, they make it easier for beginners to maintain their form and increase both comfort and safety. Mat exercises aren't the only thing they're good for!

The moisture-wicking fibers used to make these socks will keep your feet nice and dry. A cutout at the top prevents your feet from overheating, and the surface is slip-resistant. For added coziness, they're crafted from a breathable cotton.

These are the perfect socks for your barre, Pilates, or yoga practice. In addition to being soft and nonslippery, they also come in a wide range of sizes. They have a triangular grip on the toes and a heel, and a leather pad on the ball of the foot. A crisscrossing top strap secures them in place while you work out.

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