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Having your company logo printed on socks is a great idea for promotional purposes. Not only are they a great way to advertise your business, but they're also a great gift.

Personalized socks are a great gift idea

Personalized sublimation printing socks are an inexpensive way to give a present. They are available in many different designs, colors, and patterns. You can also have them customized to fit your needs. These are also easy to ship. They are very popular with consumers.

For the tech savvy, you can have your image sublimated onto the sock using a heat transfer machine. You can also use sublimation paper to print your design. You can also use a sublimation paper that is a bit sticky or tacky. This will be better for printing on elastic fabrics.

The best sublimation socks are simple designs with big impact. You can use a graphic on a sock that is as large as a 168-pixel wide canvas. You can even use food designs to make a sock with a tasteful twist.

Why choose Cheery sublimation printing socks?

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They require the right sock inserts

If you select the appropriate sock inserts, you will be able to produce a surface that is both smooth and flat for your sublimation printing. It is recommended that the inserts for the socks be produced from a material that is both flexible and flat. By doing so, you will reduce the likelihood of damaging the sock.

The first thing you need to do in order to sublimate a sock is to press the sock using a heat press. The use of a heat press will facilitate a stronger binding between the picture and the fibers of the fabric. This will result in a more profound and textured image. After the blank sublimation socks has been pressed, you should give it some time to cool off. Protective paper should be placed over the sock before applying heat resistant tape to secure the transfer to the sock. If a transfer isn't already connected, you can apply it to the sock with an adhesive spray that is safe for fabric by using the spray.

After the transfer has been sewn onto the sock, position it such that it will be placed on the lower plate of the heat press. Maintain a medium amount of pressure on it for approximately half a minute. Ribbing will form more easily on the sock as a result of this.

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