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Injinji Run Lightweight Coolmax Mini-Crew Toe Socks


Injinji Run Lightweight Coolmax Mini-Crew toe socks are constructed from moisture-wicking CoolMax fabric and have an anatomical design that keeps your toes unrestricted. These socks also provide improved arch support and blister protection. The mesh upper helps your feet to breathe, while the double elastic cuff prevents dirt and moisture from entering.

The anatomical design of the Injinji Run Lightweight Coolmax Mini-Crew gives a comfortable fit and allows your toes to spread freely. The seamless structure and Y-shaped heel provide a secure fit and prevent the slipping of socks. A knitted line on the underside of the footbed aids in reducing friction. The Y-shaped heel gives additional stability and traction. Under the arch is a band that provides support and avoids bunching. The shape of the toe pocket facilitates foot movement during sports activities.

The Injinji Run Lightweight Mini-Crew Toe Socks are constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester, ensuring maximum comfort and breathability. The seamless structure and double elastic cuff keep the socks in place and keep dirt out. The cotton blend is airy and readily absorbent of moisture. Additionally, it prevents perspiration and blisters.

These socks are ideal for jogging and cycling, particularly in chilly and damp climates. The five toe performance design eliminates friction between toes and permits natural foot movement. Additionally, the anatomical design eliminates hot zones. The cotton and polyester blend guarantees that your feet remain cool, dry, and comfy.

The Injinji Ultra Run Mini Crew is an excellent long-distance running socks. It provides medium-weight cushioning to reduce impact and is available in crew length to fit your ankle. In addition, it has an anatomical toe compartment that keeps your toes free. This sock is also available in a length designed to fit below the ankle and not be visible. The design of the toe compartment prevents hot areas and decreases friction between the toes. In addition, it has added arch support and a heel tab that keeps the socks from slipping in. The design of the toe pocket also helps runners attain optimal comfort.

The Injinji Women's Trail sock is an excellent option for female runners. It is created from ultralight, soft, and breathable COOLMAX(r) fibers. In addition, it has fabric wrapped around each toe, which gives a comfortable fit and enhances balance. Additionally, it reduces friction between toes and skin-on-skin contact. In addition, the sock has an elastic heel tab that keeps it from slipping into your shoes. Additionally, the socks reduce blisters and prevent hot areas. They also come in pastel colors and stereoscopic patterns.

The Injinji Trail Midweight Mini-Crew Toe Socks offer great protection for your feet. They are designed for long-distance running and constructed for the most difficult terrain. In addition, they provide arch support and a double elastic cuff for comfort. Additionally, they are moisture-wicking and stretchy, making them suitable running extended distances. Additionally, they have toe sleeves for added protection. The Ladies's Ultra Run - Mini Crew is also available in a variant designed for women.

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