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warm weather hiking socks

Warm weather hiking socks can keep you comfy and warm when you're on your feet, whether you're planning a long trip in the cold or a weekend warrior. But, with so many brands to select from, how can you know which are the best?

REI Co-op Coolmax EcoMade Ultralight Tech Hiking Quarter Socks

The REI Co-op Coolmax EcoMade Ultralight Tech Quarter hiking socks are an eye-catching sock that also helps the environment. This pair of socks is lightweight and breathable while still providing enough padding to protect your feet from slipping out of your hiking boots. These lightweight socks are a no-brainer, and you can't help but feel good about stepping off the path in style.

The REI Co-op Coolmax EcoMade was created with the minimalist hiker in mind. These lightweight and breathable socks come with a bonus freebie courtesy to REI's cult-like fanbase. The REI Co-op, like any other firm that specialized in outdoor gear, has a long history of producing the best hiking boots on the planet.

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Cheery Knitting Compression Sock

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you should wear compression sock. It can prevent blisters and diseases like plantar fasciitis. A good pair of socks can also keep your feet dry.

compression socks are available in a variety of styles. They differ in terms of cushioning, compression, and performance fabric. The most effective compression socks are comprised of a lightweight material that dries fast and has reinforced toe and heel sections. Some are even intended to be worn after a race.

The Cheery Knitting Aspire is an excellent alternative for hikers who prefer to hike in warm weather. The lightweight nylon-spandex combination withstands multiple washes and has a high quality feel. It does not, however, feel as solid as it appears.

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